jangan paksa aku berjalan jika aku ingin terbang

05 Maret 2009


This story about two day ago, when I precisely at home a friend, I lodge because have to finish the duty. Truly rather lateness to go home become I set mind on to lie with them there. Completed watch on TV with them in family room, I go to bathroom to clean the face and clean my feet because will sleep early then them. The bathroom location is rather far from their family room. When I was in bathroom, I start to look for the knob on off around bathroom pillar, because rather dark and my eye truly didn’t look object clearly, so I just groping and searching where is the “saklar”.

My hand fixed move to grope pillar. After a few moments are works, my fingers find the “saklar” cable. At that time I am just hoping quickly to find “saklar” so that I able to clean the face swiftly because I felt sleepy once. But something is stinging my finger. I am as in nipping by something. The lamp still stand by. But its occurrence so quickly and I frighten. My hand is weak. I scream to hold up because I am surprising. My hand is quit of the cable is. My bloods emit a stream of hand on my right.

Occurrence of that night invites my friend and his family to draw near me. Is in the distance heard, my friend call my name. She said that hear my scream, and direct go run to the bathroom. My friend and their family ask me what is going on. I had just smiling, but they know if I was painfulness, visible of my face like as pale and my hand is weak. They order me to drink water and sit that make me calm.

My friend says that their bathroom its just clothes in repairing because knob of saklar has many problems, such as light and that cables. Thus to anticipatory electrize stinging, they remove "saklar" in other pillar, the correct place of strategic correctness according to them, but I don't know that. They apologize to me that not to give advice beforehand of repair of this chamber. Ought to before I go to bathroom, they have to give the information to me that effect. We discuss elaborately subject of occurrence stinging at the same time look on TV again. My eye didn’t want to sleepy again. I just remembered by the occurrence that goes on the quickly, it seem like nightmare.

So in order not to forget, I write down this event in paper as well as my personal website so that is experience that not to promiscuously grope the pillar when room still in repair. Then day morrow, there are some friends read my article in personal website. They answer to concerning matters, especially give the interesting message that will overcome so those not to electrize stinging. They also load the story in their personal website which equal to me. They start laugh with my story. They also give various comments that invite laugh, suggestion and criticism why people created electrics.

This is unforgettable experience for me and my friend family. After that day, I’ve play again to my friend house. Over there, her family receives me with open arms. They remembered occurrence electrized yesterday. But after that occurrence, my family friend started to quicken repair of their electric current to bathroom. I just answer it with smile. For me that experience is commemoration so that always warn me to do careless. The effect generated by electrics sting to human body is muscle spastic, breath desist, not regular heartbeat, singe mount three, matter shall ugly and death. Possible you can assist to save her soul, or if you, who are stung, please pray who someone near by you and you must read this for anticipation.

Honestly, since that occurrence, I seldom grope any around.

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